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Overtaking maneuver ends deadly: motorist racing into oncoming traffic

              Sunday, October 13, 2019

              In midfielders, a 67-year-old is on Saturday afternoon to overtake. In oncoming traffic, he crashes into several cars that meet him. Below is the car of the 41-year-old father with five children on board.
              In a serious car accident involving ten injured, a family man died near Höchstadt in Middle Franconia. Police said a 67-year-old had raced his car into overtaking on Saturday afternoon to overtake. There, his car crashed into full force on several oncoming vehicles. Among them was the car of the 41-year-old father, who was traveling with his wife and five children. The man died in the evening at the hospital. Emergency doctors and paramedics supplied ten more victims, including several infants. Some of them were in mortal danger. The accident is still unclear, but after the collision, three people in their cars were "massively trapped", as district fire inspector Alexander Ruderich says. They were freed by the fire department. A vehicle was also on the side and had to be stabilized to free the occupants. The deployment involved 80 firefighters, several emergency physicians and three rescue helicopters. The main road 505 was closed for several hours until the evening.